AutoClicker: How to Automate Clicks For Free

Constant double-clicking with the mouse not only takes its toll on hardware, but is also sometimes quite nerve-racking. The slim tool AutoClicker simply takes the second mouse click away from you.

You want to save one or the other mouse click and are looking for a suitable tool? Then take a look at the “Auto Clicker“.


  • Preserves the hardware
  • Not only the left but also the middle and right mouse buttons can be controlled with the software


  • Lots of alternatives to AutoClicker


AutoClicker: A simple tool with useful features

Sometimes the ideas behind software are so simple that you would never have thought of developing them yourself. AutoClicker is one of those tools! Because without having to install the program, you can get started right away.

In the program window you define which mouse button should react how – for example, that the left mouse button should always trigger a double click every second. A hotkey function guarantees that the program only works when you want it to. By default, the F6 key is stored here, but of course you can define it freely.

How to protect the mouse on the PC?

No computer mouse has an eternal life, eventually the buttons give up the ghost. A free tool like AutoClicker can spare your hardware by automating the clicks on the software side.

What can you do against “mouse fingers”?

If you work a lot on the computer, you can get pain in your index finger from all the clicking in the long run. A software like AutoClicker can help you to click less. The program clicks automatically and as often as you want, so you don’t even have to touch the mouse.

How to turn off AutoClicker?

The “Hotkey Setting” button lets you specify a key combination that turns the small program on and off as needed. This way, the automatic click functions are always available.

How to automate mouse clicks?

A free software like AutoClicker can relieve you of tedious clicking work. It can be used, for example, to determine at which intervals and at which position on the screen a mouse click should be executed.

Michael Humpa

I'm Michael Humpa, author of the Novilabmobile website, writing reviews of popular programs on the Internet for you.