AVG AntiVirus Free (32 Bit)


AVG Anti-Virus can scan your entire computer for any viruses/spyware, or just individual files, folders or archives. CDs, DVDs, USB sticks or other movable media can be scanned with the removable media test function.


  • good malware detection
  • integrated web protection
  • automatic security updates


  • confusing installer
  • many links to purchase products

AVG Anti-Virus: Free to download

This Free version is fully functional for private use with the following limitations: You cannot define your own tests, you are only allowed to use the version on single-user computers, you do not receive support, and the data safe and firewall are also only available in the Pro version “AVG Internet Security”. In addition, the Free version does not protect against phishing, keylogger and hacker attacks. You can also find a detailed comparison with the full version on the manufacturer’s website.

“AVG Anti-Virus” uses cloud information to check how widespread an executable is, in addition to heuristics and behavior detection. This should enable an even more precise security assessment.

Install AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus Free is installed using an online installer. This is available for Windows from us virus-checked. The installer is only a few megabytes in size and downloads the necessary files over the Internet during installation, so a good broadband connection is recommended. After that, AVG AntiVirus Free is up to date. After installing the AVG software, the virus scanner automatically updates its signatures to detect current malware threats.

Alternatively, the Free Edition files are available as offline variants that can be installed without an Internet connection after download. They are available for 32- and 64-bit systems and are over 250 megabytes in size. After installation, an update via the Internet is also necessary so that the virus signatures for the scan are up to date and the software can thus better protect the computer.

Functions of the freeware

The operation of AVG AntiVirus Free is possible through a graphical user interface, which informs about how well the computer is protected. Various functions are available for protection, such as a real-time scanner that checks files for malware. The e-mail scanner checks electronic mail for threats, and the link scanner is designed to prevent dangerous websites from being opened while surfing. So that dangerously classified files do not cause any damage, they automatically end up in the quarantine, where a virus cannot do anything at first. If you want, you can change this behavior in the settings.

Settings offer flexibility

The settings of AVG AntiVirus Free optimize the protection behavior. For example, in the Free Edition you can specify that the computer should be carefully scanned. This is certainly useful to protect the computer better, but the result is that the available resources of the computer are used more by the antivirus protection. With older computers, this may cause delays in working, because the processor has more to do. That’s why you have to weigh security against performance.

More protection comes at a cost

AVG AntiVirus Free shows all the features that AVG’s antivirus software offers. Unfortunately, some functions are disabled in the freeware. For example, there is no protection at all in the firewall area unless you switch to the paid variant AVG Internet Security, which unlocks the function. Spy protection, encryption and download protection are also only active in the paid protection.

Protection for Android devices

Not only the computer, but also the cell phone is exposed to virus dangers. That’s why AVG also wants to protect smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system against hackers and crackers. AVG offers the AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security app for Android for this purpose.

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