Avira Free Security (formerly AntiVir – Avira Free Antivirus)


Avira Free Antivirus has been given a new coat of paint. Avira Free Security comes with a lot more protection tools. But the free use of the virus scanner is still possible.


  • contains Avira Free Antivirus
  • smart scan
  • modern look


  • modules not selectable during installation
  • alternatives to Avira Free Security (formerly AntiVir – Avira Free Antivirus)

The new free antivirus from Avira is Avira Free Security

The good news is that it contains Avira Free Antivirus as a module, but also includes lots of other components. So users still get effective protection against viruses for free. These include the integrated real-time scanner, which permanently monitors your system, and also the targeted scanning of files and folders. In addition to viruses, worms and Trojans, the antivirus program also knows about adware and spyware. On board is also a heuristic detection, which can detect previously unknown malware based on typical behavior patterns.

Avira Free Security is more than Avira Free Antivirus

The special feature of Avira Free Security is that it is not just virus protection. This is still very important in 2020, but not only. In addition, the following modules are currently available:

  • Security: Virus Scan, Protection Options, Quarantine, Software Updater, Firewall
  • Privacy: Browser Safety, VPN, Password Manager, File Shredder, Privacy Settings
  • Performance: PC Cleaner, Startup Time Optimizer, Battery Optimizer, Driver Updater, Duplicate Finder

New look for easier operation

A redesigned interface in Avira Free Security ensures that the protection tool feels like a program from a single mold. In addition to the current security status, the three main components “Security”, “Privacy” and “Performance” can be accessed with one click. When a system scan has been run, you can also see where there is still work to be done, highlighted in color.

Smart Scan checks system with one click

A new function is the so-called Smart Scan. With just one click, Avira Free Security not only checks your system for viruses, but also shows you if there are any privacy or performance problems, a convenient one-click solution that is immediately accessible from the status screen. After the Smart Scan, you have the choice of either having the problems fixed or viewing details about them. However, not the complete range of functions is free of charge. For example, if you want to automatically update outdated programs or solve PC startup problems, you have to resort to paid software for this. This can also be obtained directly from Avira Free Security.

AntiVir optimal: Hidden functions in the most popular virus scanner

Avira Free Antivirus is by far the most popular virus scanner at CHIP. But after a standard installation, not all features are activated by far. In our article, we show you hidden functions that you should know about.

For example, with AntiVir you can automatically search for rootkits with a small setting, and we also recommend that you arm the heuristics.

The free virus scanner can also detect programs that violate your privacy. However, you have to enable this additional option in the settings under “General” and “Threat categories”. To do this, uncheck the option “Programs that violate privacy”.

What does Avira do exactly?

Avira is an antivirus program designed to protect your computer from harmful data. This means that the software detects dangerous viruses, computer worms and Trojan horses. Blocking and eliminating computer viruses is also one of Avira’s tasks.

How can I repair Avira?

  1. In the Windows Control Panel, under the “Programs” category, you will find the “Programs and Features”
  2. Then select the “Avira Antivirus”
  3. you will find the “Change” option above the list of your programs. As soon as you click on it, a new window will open.
  4. Make sure that “Change program” is checked and select “Next”. 5.
  5. now mark those components where the error occurs. If you are not sure where the problem is, mark all entries and click “Next”.
  6. windows will set up the corresponding program parts again.

How can I deactivate Avira temporarily?

To deactivate Avira temporarily, right-click on the Avira icon in the Windows status bar. Here, select the option “Activate real-time scanner”. This deactivates the real-time scanner and thus also the protection by Avira until further notice.

What is Avira web protection?

Avira’s web protection is designed to protect you from dangerous content on the Internet. This includes spam and phishing attacks, as well as risky content such as malware. Avira Web Protection is activated via the antivirus interface, but it is part of the paid Pro version.

Protection against malware

An important tool in the Free Security suite is the Avira Free Antivirus software, which protects the computer against viruses, ransomware, Trojans, adware and other malware. The real-time protection secures the computer during use and, if desired, pushes suspicious software into a quarantine folder where viruses cannot cause any damage. The necessary settings can be made via the graphical user interface.

Surf anonymously and bypass geo-blocking

The included Avira Phantom VPN allows anonymous and secure surfing with my monthly data volume of 500 MB in the free version. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”, i.e. an encrypted virtual private network that is established between the user’s own device and a VPN proxy server. Only from this server does it continue to the Internet, which secures insecure connections via public hotspots that would otherwise be vulnerable to hacker attacks. In addition, you surf with an IP address from the country where the VPN proxy server is located, which allows you to bypass geoblocking.

Safer surfing and shopping

Avira Free Security also includes Avira browser protection, which blocks dangerous websites and prevents phishing attacks. The browser plug-in also detects the download of infected software and offers an alternative download server where this application can be obtained virus-free.

Avira Browser Protection prevents the tracking of advertising networks while surfing. These record unnoticed what is searched for and what is purchased. In this way, the user can decide for himself which personal information he wants to disclose. A price search engine is also integrated into the tool.

Flexible Password Manager

Almost all web offers such as online stores, social media, email accounts and online banking require passwords, which should all be different. Avira Password Manager keeps track of them and stores the passwords in encrypted form. Only a master password is required to log into one’s web accounts.

The Password Manager is not only available for computers, but can also be used on mobile devices with iOS and Android. If you have multiple devices, Avira Password Manager keeps them in sync and supports various browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

More performance, runtime and memory

Some PC problems, such as slow startups, crashes and short battery runtimes can be prevented by optimizing. The tuning tool Avira Free System Speedup takes care of these tasks at the push of a button.

Avira Free System Speedup defragments the hard disk, deletes files that are no longer needed, optimizes processes, repairs access rights, frees up memory and deactivates unnecessarily running applications. In addition, unwanted applications such as pre-installed bloatware can be deleted.

The tool also cleans the Windows registry, fixes errors and optimizes system settings. If desired, Speedup removes applications from the system startup that have unintentionally entered themselves there and thus extend the boot time. In addition, the energy-saving mode ensures that the battery is used less.

Automatically update programs

The biggest gateway for hackers are security gaps in applications. Only updates from the manufacturer can help against the exploitation of zero-day exploits. The Avira Software Updater takes care of the updates of the installed programs. If it finds an outdated program, it issues a warning and prompts the user to update to the latest program or driver version. The free version of the Updater offers a manual update function that leads to the secure download website of the manufacturer. Those who prefer an automatic update can purchase the paid premium variant from Avira.

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