CCleaner: How to clean up the hard drive

CCleaner: How to clean up the hard drive

CCleaner from Piriform is a free system optimization software.

With CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) your computer runs even faster, because the software analyzes selected areas of your PC and removes unusable and useless files. Various applications from browser to image editing CCleaner knows where unneeded files are located and removes them. When it comes to deleting cookies, CCleaner is sufficiently intelligent: Login data, for example for your e-mail access, is not deleted.

Delete unnecessary files with the CCleaner

The Ccleaner does its work extremely carefully, so that you do not have to expect involuntary data loss. Important system files remain basically untouched. Before the actual deletion, the freeware displays all affected areas.

However, CCleaner can do even more. In the “Extras” area, you uninstall software and clean up the autostart menu. If you are sure, you can also delete old restore points at this point to create even more storage space. The contents of complete hard disks can be irretrievably deleted with the “Hard Disk Wiper”.


Best PC Cleaner? CCleaner with a wide range of functions

The “Registry Cleaner” scours the database for obsolete and incorrect entries. Before cleaning, CCleaner offers to create a backup. If something doesn’t work as usual afterwards, restoring it is only a matter of seconds.

In the settings, you can create custom folders that will be cleaned on every startup. The free PC Cleaner offers even more setting options, such as automatic complete cleaning at every boot.

Is CCleaner dangerous?

The risk of really breaking something when using CCleaner is extremely low. Windows will certainly not be destroyed. It must be clearly stated that not much can happen during the cleaning process in programs. There are usually no great speed advantages to cleaning at this point, but many users are primarily interested in freeing up memory. So the main work of CCleaner is certainly not dangerous for Windows.

What do you do with CCleaner?

The name CCleaner stands for Crap Cleaner. CCleaner cleans up the hard drive by deleting unnecessary files, cleaning up cookies, deleting stored form data or cleaning up the autostart.

Latest changes

All changes and new features of version 5.76 in detail can be found in the official release notes.

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