FL Studio: Plugins and Instruments

FL Studio: Plugins and Instruments


  • VST and MIDI support
  • Included effects and synthesizers


  • Saved projects cannot be reopened with the demo version
  • Training time required

FL Studio: how to create sounds

With FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops), the manufacturer Image Line offers a comprehensive digital audio workstation (DAW) that contains all the necessary tools for producing and recording music on the computer. For example, it offers a function for rhythm programming with the Step Sequencer or a tool for recording and arranging audio data with the Audio Sequencer. A 104-channel digital mixer, various software synthesizers and a collection of numerous effects round out the software, which offers full MIDI support and is VSTi, ReWire and DXi compatible. Finished songs can be exported to various formats. In addition, FL Studio can be extended with various plug-ins.

Just standing at the turntables and controllers is no longer enough these days. But how do the world’s top DJs make their big house hits and ingenious music mixes? With the support of comprehensive software products such as “FL Studio”, also known as “Fruity Loops”. So you too can create exciting club sounds.

FL Studio

FL Studio: Comprehensive composition program

The start is certainly difficult for some people – depending on their previous knowledge. Many different tools are wildly billboarding your screen, but once you have gained routine in dealing with the instruments and effects, you will quickly appreciate the many possibilities.

The repertoire includes countless synthesizers and effects such as reverb and equalizer, with which you can take your first steps towards music production. These can be supplemented with plug-ins through the supported VST standard. Furthermore, the program offers the possibility to visualize your music through video effects.

Versions of FL Studio

The software is offered in three versions (Fruity Edition, Producer Edition and Signature Bundle), which differ in the scope of the included plug-ins and functions. According to the manufacturer, studio-suitable recordings with multiple tracks are possible from the Producer Edition. Furthermore, an iPhone version and an iPad version are available in the iTunes Store.

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