How to choose a backpack for a laptop


Recently, the most relevant for the transportation of the laptop are special backpacks. First, they free your hands, and secondly the computer does not seem so heavy. Thirdly, this method of transportation implies that in the backpack fit also personal belongings. There are many manufacturers and models on the market now. So how to choose the perfect backpack for a laptop?

Size matters

Sometimes it seems that all backpacks for laptops are made in the same size. But this opinion is wrong. First of all, the size of the backpack depends on the diagonal of the display. Most of the medium and compact models are designed for laptops with a diagonal of up to 15 inches. But there are exceptions among the compact backpacks, where you can find models for 13 or 17 inches.

The most common backpack models are medium (15-17 inches). But the large models are designed for diagonals 16-17 inches. Their peculiarity is that, in addition to a computer, the backpack can hold a lot of personal items. For example, they are good to take with you on a trip. First of all, you should pay attention to the characteristics. Manufacturers always indicate the exact size of the necessary department or the diagonal of the laptop to be accommodated.

Now we will look at each type in more detail.

Small backpack

Small models are designed for 20 liters. They are small in size and flat in shape. Most often in such a backpack, in addition to a laptop, will fit a notebook and a bottle of water. Of course, backpack can be filled to capacity, but is it convenient to get something out? Unlikely!

You can choose the classic backpack or it’s also called “sling”, as it is designed for one shoulder. The convenience of such a bag is that the necessary things can be taken out of it on the go. This is ideal for the big city, as in order to open the department, it is enough to simply throw the backpack from the back to the chest. The only disadvantage of this model is the load on one shoulder. After all, backpacks are designed to share the weight evenly.

Medium backpack

Medium-sized backpacks fit 25-40 liters. These models are a versatile option for the big city. They are quite roomy, but at the same time not bulky. In such a model, you can carry not only a laptop, but also a DSLR camera, an umbrella, a water bottle and even a sweater.

In addition, it is an ideal option for hand luggage on the plane, because you can put everything valuable: electronics, money, documents and other important things for you.

Large backpack

Large backpacks have a volume of more than 40 liters. In such a luggage, you can put not only a computer, but also many other gadgets. Such models are too bulky for urban everyday use, but great for traveling for a few days.

Materials and fittings: both beautiful and practical

When choosing a backpack for a laptop, it is important to pay attention not only to the size, but also to the material from which it is made, as it is from this factor that the strength and durability of the purchase will depend.

The most common material is nylon. The density and weave may vary depending on the price. Of course, the denser and higher quality backpack, the more expensive it is. Nylon is quite strong and unpretentious in care, it is easily cleaned from dust and dirt, is not afraid of splashing water and can keep the gadget even in a little rain. But it is important to remember that this material is not fully waterproof, so in a strong downpour it is better not to use.

Backpacks made of cordura are considered waterproof – it is a dense fabric with a special weave, the feature of which is waterproof impregnation and Teflon coating.

Speaking of water protection, it is also worth mentioning about the zipper. More often than not, manufacturers use regular zippers that can leak moisture, such models are cheaper, and the slider works easier and faster. Backpacks with waterproof zippers are more expensive, and in order to get the gadget, you will need to make an effort.

Continuing the topic of materials, it is worth remembering the following:

Ballistic nylon

  • Pros: waterproof, dense, reliable.
  • Cons: stiffness, unattractive appearance


  • Pros: price, density
  • Cons: quality


  • Pros: high strength
  • Cons: thin material

Thermoplastic polyurethane

  • Pros: waterproof, easy to clean off dirt
  • Cons: can be damaged easily.

As a result, we can see that the variety of materials for backpacks is quite wide. Models are often created with a combination of different fabrics, so when choosing, it is important to pay attention to practicality, quality, availability of water-repellent layers, zipper and, of course, design.

Departments: what else can be carried in the backpack

Most often, a backpack for a laptop is not only for it, but also for other gadgets. For a laptop, there is a large department, in which you can also put documents and other papers. In addition, most models are equipped with pockets for a tablet. It is important to pay attention to the presence of this department, as it can also be useful for storing a second smartphone.

The backpacks also have a second compartment with an organizer and pockets of different sizes. This compartment is convenient for storing wires, small parts and things that do not need quick access. For purses and keys there is a department on the outside. Most often it is a small pocket. Often backpacks for laptops are made laconic and practical, so that all kinds of design solutions in the standard model should not wait. Although there are exceptions.

As for the department for a laptop, the safest option would be to place it in the center between two other pockets. But most often in standard models, the laptop is placed near the back, secured by elastic bands with Velcro.

There are also different backs for backpacks: frame, orthopedic, hard/semi-rigid and soft. For laptops it is better to use the first and second options, because things will be arranged in order and the aesthetic appearance of such a model is much better. At the same time, it is worth understanding that the other backpacks are much more roomy, and they are the ideal option for long trips and hikes.

Additional features

Banal, but it is very important to pay attention to the presence of side pockets designed for a water bottle, umbrella or similar things. More often than not, the standard model may not have room for this inside.

In addition, you should not lose sight of the handle. This additional feature is necessary for convenience in public transport, because it is much easier to hold the backpack than one of the straps.

The backrest should not be overlooked either. From cheap models back sweats very quickly. If you choose a back with pads, firstly, it will help improve air circulation between the back and the backpack. And secondly, it is much better for the posture and condition of the back in general.

And, of course, it is impossible not to mention such a function as “antivore”. Backpacks for laptops transport valuable and important things: the laptop itself, a tablet, phone, camera, documents, wallets. It’s a godsend for thieves. At rush hour in a crowd, it’s very easy to stay without something expensive and valuable. That’s why manufacturers of modern models use a system “anti-theft”. What is it?

Thefts most often occur in crowded places, when a burglar stealthily opens the zipper and takes out what he needs. Professionals work in such a way that it is simply impossible to feel a catch. The anti-theft system is based on an unusual zipper. It can be hidden under a layer of fabric, so that it is quite difficult to find an unknown person at the first time. In addition, on the fly to open the backpack with this zipper is simply impossible. Some systems have a steel lock on which the doggie is attached. This method is even more reliable. There are also special loops or clips that prevent unzipping.

In addition, recently began to use an anti-theft system that protects against cutting. Such models use several layers of dense fabric, which cannot be cut even with the sharpest knife.

There are several other varieties of protection:

  • special locks and carabiners
  • secret compartments for documents and money.
  • protection from proximity thefts by means of innovative technologies


Backpack for a laptop is a handy thing, without which the owner of a laptop will be quite difficult in a big city. But the choice of such an accessory should be approached with special care. It is important to pay attention to everything: the material, accessories, additional compartments, capacity and functionality.

The best backpack for your laptop is a model of medium size, made of water-repellent material. The laptop compartment should be in the middle. In addition, additional compartments, side pockets and a handle are welcome. Do not forget about the “anti-theft” system, which will protect your gadgets from theft.

And finally, such an accessory should be purchased from proven and reliable brands that create models for all tastes and colors. After all, you are choosing not only a backpack for yourself, but also a home for your gadgets.

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