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Are you looking for a tablet mount for your car because you are on the road a lot? A tablet or iPad holder in the car is practical and convenient. If you take a tablet in the car, you can let your fellow passengers watch a movie or a series. But you can also use the tablet as a great navigation device.

Use of a tablet or iPad in the car

In practice, we see that a tablet mount is ordered for a variety of reasons.

Tablet as navigation in the car

We hear in practice that customers want to use the tablet as a navigation system, but the tablet cannot be properly secured. In addition, a navigation system or phone takes up space on the windshield.

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Tablet as a TV screen in the car
Are you going on vacation or do you have to go long distances with the kids? Watching a movie on your tablet is an excellent pastime. Due to the flexible and long gooseneck, the tablet can be easily installed in the car and the kids can use the tablet in the back of the car.

Using the tablet in the car by the passenger

Of course, the tablet holder is also ideal for the passenger and passenger sitting next to you. The tablet is easy to use. Ergonomically, the tablet is also better used when it is in the holder than when someone has it on their lap.

Answer emails with tablet or iPad on the go

For field workers, drivers and people who are on the road a lot, the tablet holder is ideal when emails need to be answered on the go. In a free moment, this can be processed in a pleasant way.

Advantages of a tablet holder

A cell phone holder is often used in the car. A tablet holder has several advantages over a cell phone holder:

  • the windshield is free and
  • the screen of the tablet is larger.

Tablet mount in the car: how to install it?

The car tablet mount comes with a car clamp. You need to fix this car clamp in, under, or on the rail of the passenger seat. Then you can press the neck of the tablet holder into the clamp, tighten it and you have installed your tablet holder.

By installing the tablet holder under the passenger seat, you can choose who the screen is for. You can turn the holder towards the passenger seat and the driver’s seat, but you can also turn the screen towards the center. This allows the passengers (possibly children), to see the tablet screen easily.

Important to check: Every car and every seat is different. Check beforehand if the screw or nut of the seat rail can be loosened (e.g. with an Allen or Torx key).

Which tablets and iPads are suitable?

The car tablet holder is suitable for tablets from 9 to 11 inches. In addition, the holder is universal and suitable for many models of different brands. Think of brands like Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and Apple.

For the very large tablets like the iPad PRO 12.9 inches or the wider Samsung TAB A.

For the 7-8 inch MINI tablets and the iPad MINI, a separate GOOS-E MINI holder is available.

Why a tablet holder?

The origin of our tablet holder goes back to the fact that we ourselves were looking for a flexible tablet holder a few years ago. One that could be used in different places and positions. At that time, we could not find a suitable one. So we decided to develop our own tablet holder. In the meantime we have sold thousands of tablet mounts, and the GOOS-E “goose” has meanwhile flown out many times both in de Netherlands, as well as Germany and other Länders.

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