MediaMonkey: Review of Media Manager

MediaMonkey: Review of Media Manager

How to manage large Collections of Music and Movies

The media manager MediaMonkey offers many useful functions to manage large collections of music and movies. It automatically reads metadata from providers like Amazon, Freedb and Allmusic. Of course, MediaMonkey also allows the manual tagging of all common audio formats and allows here, for example, several entries per field to enter a CD by several artists, these accordingly in the artist field. Furthermore, MediaMonkey changes the name and location of the files according to definable patterns and thus also brings order to the hard drive.

MediaMonkey is a media player for all common audio formats, such as MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MPC, WAV, CDA, M3U and PLS. The program is especially good for large music collections, so even with more than 50,000 tracks. You can search, manage and rename songs with just a few mouse clicks.


Free Player for iOS and Android devices

In addition, the player offers modules for creating and reading audio CDs. When converting MediaMonkey also reads tags automatically – if available – from the CD text. Encoders for compressed formats such as MP3 or M4A are available separately and can be used free of charge with MediaMonkey for 30 days. For mobile use, the player supports synchronization with iOS and Android devices, as well as a variety of other portable MP3 players. MediaMonkey also supports file sharing via UPnP or DLNA, allowing it to make its collection available on all compatible devices, such as TVs or Blu-Ray players. The player’s range of functions can also be expanded through numerous plug-ins.

Through Media Monkey you can also synchronize your collection with a portable MP3 player, such as the Apple iPod. Ripping CDs also succeeds without problems thanks to the included encoder. The program automatically searches for data about the songs, such as title, album name or CD cover.

Benefits of the Gold version of MediaMonkey

The paid Gold version offers additional functions. For example, collections can be categorized – for example, into classical music, rock and jazz – and the respective display options can be specified. MediaMonkey Gold automatically converts music for mobile devices into space-saving formats and normalizes the volume during playback. Copied audio CDs are now checked for accuracy in the AccurateRip database, and the player burns CDs at maximum performance.

How to back up songs on CDs and DVDs using MediaMonkey

Last but not least, you can back up your songs to CD and DVD via a built-in burning program. For parties, there is a “party mode” that prevents your settings from being changed by users. Evaluable statistics tell you more about your listening behavior.

Using “Tabbing”, you can open different tabs as you are used to from the browser, without leaving the window or losing sight of a current selection. In addition, videos can now also be played back with MediaMonkey.

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