Picasa: a powerful all-in-one tool for managing, easily editing as well as publishing digital images


With Picasa, Google offers a powerful all-in-one tool for managing, easily editing and publishing digital images. When the program is started for the first time, the software automatically searches the hard drive for all the photos and videos it can find and loads them into its own library, where they are clearly displayed as thumbnails. In this way, all images on the hard disk can be centrally managed and displayed. At the touch of a button, you can start slideshows or create photo collages and movie presentations with images from a selected folder. A click on the individual image opens the Picasa image editing.


  • very easy to use
  • many comfort functions


  • is not developed further

The Picasa program automatically arranges all pictures and videos on your hard drive according to the date they were taken. As soon as you connect a digital camera to the PC, Picasa takes over the new photos with a click of the mouse. Unfortunately, Picasa is no longer being developed by Google and the online functions have been switched off. Therefore, we have summarized the best Picasa alternatives for you.

Successful photos can be sent by e-mail, printed or exported

Simple image editing steps (for example, remove red-eye or improve the colors) you can perform immediately in the program. Batch renaming of multiple photos is also possible. If you want, you can also create a movie with background music from your photo collection and then upload it to YouTube.

With the “Face Movie” function, you can automatically create videos of one and the same person with the help of face recognition. For this, the feature superimposes all existing photos one after the other, while the face can always be recognized centered. You can see “Face Movie” in action in our sample video.

There, Picasa optimizes the respective image, either automatically or manually, for example by adjusting the contrast and brightness, recoloring red eyes, adding effects as well as text or changing the orientation of the photo. In addition, Picasa recognizes faces and writes geotags. The software also allows photos to be uploaded to Picasa Web Albums, where they can be shared with friends and acquaintances. In addition, Picasa is directly connected to the Google+ social network from version 3.9.

Picasa is available for Windows via our direct download. There is also an ad-supported HD app and a paid MX app in the Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT.

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