Songbird: How to boost player with plug-ins

Songbird: How to boost player with plug-ins

Latest changes

With version 2.x, you can push music wirelessly to supported receivers. also, Songbird acts as a music server that you can access with external devices. All changes and new features can be found on Songbird’s developer page.

Songbird combines a media player with numerous web offers around music and videos.

The open source software is a browser and media player in one; the boundaries between local player and online media platform blurred. If Songbird finds MP3 files on a website, for example, a dynamic playlist is automatically created, which is also played immediately if desired.


Songbird: Music player for all situations

Songbird offers file support for the most important audio and video formats. GStreamer is used as the playback engine. By means of Feathers (skins) you can customize the appearance of the player.

Similar to iTunes, the playback software presents itself for media files located on your own PC. Divided by artist, album and song, all songs stored on the hard drive are presented here.

Now you can easily follow your favorite artists and see what your friends like. On this basis, you get improved music suggestions and can listen to preview tracks.

As usual from Mozilla, Songbird can also be boosted as you like with plug-ins. For example, you can integrate Apple’s cool CoverFlow view with the MediaFlow extension, or use LyricMaster to display the lyrics of your favorite songs so you can sing along.

The open-source media player Songbird may look unimpressive, but it manages extensive music collections, adds cover images to tracks if desired, and also plays live and classical albums without gaps. Free add-ons enhance the player with additional functions, including video playback and connection to communities such as and Twitter. Other add-ons synchronize iPods and fill music players via Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). The program is no longer under development.

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