VLC media player: Tips and tricks

The slim “VLC media player” (formerly known as VideoLAN Client) is one of the most popular playback programs for multimedia content. One of the most important reasons for this is the problem-free handling of most video and audio formats. For example, the freeware plays DVDs as well as video CDs, MP3s, MOV and FLV files or DivX.

The player supports MPEG and DivX streaming and can thus also play videos while they are still being downloaded. Watch the beginning of the movie and check if it is worth downloading. You can also play files packed by ZIP without having to unpack them in a cumbersome way first.

Once downloaded, you can artificially increase the volume of the movie up to 200 percent in case the video is too quiet. In addition, the “VLC media player” can also search for album covers.

A playlist function allows you to play several movies in a row. This is especially useful if you have downloaded a clip in several parts or want to watch many smaller videos.

If you find the design too boring, you can customize it with a skin. You can download a selection of pre-made skins at this link. Alternatively, you can also create your own personal design with the VLC Skin Editor.

VLC media player

Which files does the VLC player play?

The VLC media player supports the following formats: AAC, AC3/A52, ASF, AVI, DTS, FLAC, FLV, H.264, MIDI, MKV, MOV, MPG, MPEG (ES, MP3, MP4, PS, PVA, TS), MXF, OGG, OGM, Raw DV, Real (RAM, RM, RMVB, RV), WAV, WMA, WMV, 3GP.

Can VLC Player play MOV files?

VLC Player can play MOV files, video files in Apple’s Quick Time format, without any problems.

How secure is the VLC media player?

The open source project VLC media player is one of the most secure tools of its kind. Even the European Parliament uses the program. However, the VLC player also attracted attention in the past with negative headlines. The criticism: security gaps. The rule here is that you should always use the latest version and be careful with unknown data.

Can you play Blue Ray with VLC Player?

In most cases you can play Blue Rays with your VLC media player. However, most of the commercial Blue Ray formats are licensed and are therefore not available for free. However, the manufacturer VideoLAN offers an open-source library called libbluray that can be used for playback.

Latest changes

The update to version 3.x can play 360-degree videos and promises support for the Chromecast, among other things. More information about the release can be found on the developer page.

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