What to carry a laptop in: bag, backpack


Laptop attracts mobility and is suitable for use anywhere without being tied to the desktop and a socket. But you can’t just carry such equipment in your hands. It is necessary to choose the right accessory for transportation – a bag or backpack. About their features we will tell in this article.

Laptop bag – elegance and compactness

It is a universal accessory that is suitable for both men and women. The laptop bag is well accustomed and in everyday life, and in the business sphere, where it replaced the strict portfolios.

In addition to a laptop in it is convenient to carry a variety of documentation, which is ideally placed in size and not wrinkled. There is a place for stationery, smartphone, headphones, pavverbank, flash drives and other useful things, without which it is difficult to imagine the working process of the modern man.

It is a perfect choice for those who like to dress in a classic style or have to comply with a certain dress code – the bag looks strict and elegant. It is quite compact and will perfectly complement even feminine image with heels, skirt suit or dress.


  • A successful addition to business images, thanks to the laconic design and compact size.
  • A variety of manufacturing materials – from basic democratic textile, to status models of artificial and genuine leather.
  • Several carrying options: the laptop bag can be secured in the palm of your hand by the sturdy handles or slung over the shoulder with a wide adjustable strap.


  • Not suitable for transporting other bulky things, except a laptop and auxiliary accessories like a power supply or a mouse. Using it as additional luggage when traveling is unlikely to work – it does not fit too much. In addition, the practically flat form does not allow to carry anything bulky.
  • Uneven distribution of the load – all the weight is always concentrated in one hand or on one shoulder. For the same reason, it is strongly felt overloading if your laptop weighs a lot or you transport heavy document folders together with it.

Laptop backpack – practicality and spaciousness

No less versatile accessory, widely used by laptop owners, regardless of gender or status. An extensive lineup allows you to choose a comfortable variant in a suitable style: youth, casual, business. Therefore with backpacks for laptops you can meet both relaxed students and creative freelancers and serious businessmen.


Capacity is an obvious advantage of the backpack over a laptop bag. In addition to the technology itself, it will fit a lot of additional things:

  • It’s ideal for travelers who can take it, for example, in the hand luggage of an airplane;
  • Students can put all their study tools like notes and books in it;
  • Office workers will find in the backpack and a place for a lunch box with a snack, and for a change of clothes to go to the gym after work.
  • It is impossible not to mention the convenience of use – the backpack hangs on the shoulders and back, the weight is distributed evenly, and the hands remain free.


  • Backpacks can wrinkle the clothes on your back. In addition, many models are quite bulky, which is not always justified if you only need to carry a compact laptop with a small diagonal. In this case, a shoulder bag will perfectly cope with transportation.

Selection criteria

Although bags and backpacks for carrying laptops have clear differences in appearance and level of functionality, the criteria for their selection are the same. Here are the parameters you should pay attention to when buying:

  • Screen diagonal. On this parameter depends on the size of the equipment will fit into the chosen model.
  • Protection from mechanical damage. Bags or backpacks, designed to carry technology, must have a rigid frame or shock-absorbing layers that protect the laptop from accidental bumps and drops.
  • Moisture protection. To get caught in the rain on the way or other wetness did not become a disaster for technology, accessories for its carrying are made of materials with special moisture impregnation.
  • The quality of tailoring. The material must be durable, and the shoulder straps, handles of bags and backpacks quality stitching, so as not to come off under the weight of the contents.
  • Heavy-duty hardware. Heavy-duty fasteners, buttons, and zippers will last for years.
  • Easy access. Laptop compartment should be easy to access so you don’t have to take out the rest of the contents.
  • Intelligent design. Additional compartments, external and internal pockets for storage will allow you to find every little thing its place, not to pile everything into one compartment with the technique and then look for a long time to find what you need.

Thus we can conclude that the ideal accessory for your laptop corresponds to its diagonal, protects the device from damage and moisture, is made of durable materials with quality fittings, equipped with additional pockets for storage. And, of course, corresponds to the style of the owner and emphasizes his personality.

Michael Humpa

I'm Michael Humpa, author of the Novilabmobile website, writing reviews of popular programs on the Internet for you.